SPLISS Athletics (2008-2012)

Athletics as a case study

The general aim of this project is to develop a model to measure and compare the competitiveness of nations in athletics, focusing on sport policy factors which can be changed or improved. Accordingly, the purpose of the project is the validation of the SPLISS-model (Sport Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success) in a sport specific context (athletics), based on mixed research methods and the development of an international scoring system on the competitiveness of elite sport policies for athletics. A second objective is to develop a methodology to measure and compare elite sport policies at a sport-specific level. Reflecting recognised principles of economic competitiveness measurement, this study will detail a method for comparing nations’ elite sport systems less descriptively by measuring and comparing determinants of national competitiveness quantitatively.

Provisional timing

Starting in July 2010, the research instruments will be used internationally to measure and compare elite sport policies in athletics.


Nations (both researchers and policy makers) who want to take part in this study, should contact Jasper Truyens at jasper.truyens@vub.be or 0032 (2)629 27 42.